Due to the Emergency COVID-19 pandemic declared under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 247d.) St. Jude Neighborhood Health Centers has extended access for COVID-19 diagnostic test described in section 6001(a)(1) of the FFCRA. To administer, COVID- screening & diagnostic testing and vaccine for anyone with out-of-network plans. Our Cash Price to the out-of-network plans for Diagnostic Screening &Testing and vaccine for COVID-19 is $100.

We accept uninsured and DentiCal patients.

Fullerton , Buena Park , Orange and Valley View High School locations.

Dental Care

We accept CalOptima CCN and CHOC Health Alliance, MediCal, DentiCal, MSN, and provide a sliding fee schedule for uninsured patients.

Now Serving: 

​North and Central Orange County

High Desert


Medical Care

We offer free pregnancy tests,  pre-natal care, at the Fullerton site and delivery at St. Jude Medical Center. 




Mental Health  Support Services 

Through our faith-based centers, we improve the health and well-being of low-income persons in the communities we serve.

To expand access to healthcare, promote health improvement and quality of life, and create healthy communities.